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Make Your Own Menagerie: 3 DIY Stick-On Embroidery Patterns

Make Your Own Menagerie: 3 DIY Stick-On Embroidery Patterns

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Celebrate your creativity and love for the amazing animals on our planet.

This selection of stick-and-stitch embroidery patterns is a wonderful way to adorn any fabric surface. Embroider a design and refresh a beloved sweatshirt, or stitch a creature onto a backpack to celebrate the amazing creatures that live on our planet. 

This is a choose-your-own-adventure craft. You’ll pick the colors and the stitches to complete the designs. But, if you like some guidance, you'll have access to resources to help you get started. (Includes written instructions and videos.)



  • Each Make Your Own Menagerie pack includes three (3) animals: you choose what's in your pack! 
  • Embroidery patterns vary in size. Sizing is detailed in product photos. 
  • All patterns are printed on wash-away stabilizer. To get started, peel the design from its backing and press it onto your fabric surface. When you’re done, run the fabric under warm water to remove the stabilizer.

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